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garcinia cambogia or “Malabar tamarind” is a shrub that grows mainly in southern India. It has a rounded crown and horizontal branches or falls. The leaves are compound Garcinia cambogia, glossy dark green. Reddish orange flowers are crowded together. Its fruit is large, lobular and crushed like a small pumpkin, comprising a thick pericarp and fleshy yellow or orange.

The rind of the garcinia cambogia is an ingredient of curry. The seeds are inside the fruit, whose juice is sour, edible when ripe fruit is in the wet season between June and October.

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Garcinia Cambogia garcinia cambogia What makes it so special?

garcinia cambogia is a plant that contains a lot of vitamin C and is also rich in hydroxycitric acid. This component is the one that makes the Garcinia is especially valued. Hydroxycitric acid is a substance having interesting therapeutic properties, since not only is effective to reduce appetite and consequently limiting food intake, also a lipogenesis inhibitor, which is the process by which the body makes acids acids and cholesterol and stores it. The hydroxycitric acid to one of the “fat burning” most potent natural known. Simply inhibiting the process by which the body produces and stores and removes unwanted fats which have already been deposited in adipocytes or fat cells.

Hydroxycitric acid content in the garcinia cambogia unlike other appetite suppressants, it directly acts on the liver and the brain on the central nervous system as appetite suppressants other synthetic origin, which cause side effects such as drowsiness , nervousness, palpitations, insomnia, etc.. Neither the rebound effect itself produces these synthetic appetite suppressants once it is discontinued. Supplements Garcinia Cambogia capsules are highly recommended by health professionals to control weight and prevent cardiovascular problems.

garcinia cambogia - inhibits lipid synthesis

In 1965 Yevette S. Lewis-one American researcher at Argonne National Laboratory (Illinois, USA) – and S. Neelakantan, a scientist of the Indian Academy of Sciences, for the first time succeeded in isolating hdroxicítrico acid of the fruit rind of garcinia cambogia. Then after several years, a group of researchers from Brandeis University (USA) and Hoffman La Roche Laboratories (Switzerland) meanwhile discover that lipid synthesis enzyme is blocked when Adenosinatrifosfatocitratato lyase (ATP-citrate lyase ) involved in the conversion of carbohydrates into fat is inhibited. Task does hydroxycitric acid. In simple words, hydroxycitric acid prevents the biosynthesis of fat in the body.

When a calorie intake by carbohydrates that exceed the energy needed by the body, the excess is converted into glycogen which is stored as energy deposit, quick in the liver and muscles. When it reaches a sufficient amount of stored glycogen, the liver itself sends an impulse to the brain via nerve valgus to inform you that enough is enough and we are full. But when the diet contains too much simple carbohydrates and do not listen to our brain becomes over Acetyl Coenzyme A, which is converted into lipids that are installed in fat cells throughout the body and may even obstruct blood vessels endangering our health.

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Garcinia CambogiaWhat role it plays in hydroxycitric acid?

Hydroxycitric acid from garcinia cambogia inhibits the enzyme ATP citrate lyase and this considerably reduces the production of coenzyme deacetyl with the consequence of also reducing the formation and accumulation of fatty acid in the body. Glucorreceptores are stimulated liver and is synthesized and stored in the liver increased amount of glycogen and this in turn causes satiety signal is higher in the brain.

Hydroxycitric acid doubles the rate of gluconeogenesis and therefore, the feeling of satiety.

It was found that animals subjected to experiment, failed to gain weight by not accumulate fat in their bodies and finished the three month period of the experiment, it was found in amazement, that the animals with a minimum reduction of 4 food %, had gained 80% less weight than the control group.

Another thing I could find with this experiment was that hydroxycitric acid in the presence of the small amount of Acetyl Coenzyme A and other substances inhibited by it, accelerates the fat burning process in the liver.

It is so very great therapeutic importance of this property hydroxycitric acid containing garcinia cambogia. It has the ability to accelerate the burning of stored fat. Not so much their ability to prevent new fat from forming. Fat burning thermogenesis is achieved, which is the phenomenon of increasing body temperature by accelerating fat burning. This helps people with slow metabolisms.

No evidence to prove this fact in human trials under garcinia cambogia experiment demonstrating conclusively that it promotes weight loss. While some experts give amazing facts, others report slight changes in weight loss and not in all subjects. Although all research groups claim that the extract of garcinia cambogia is undoubtedly effective in inhibiting the synthesis of fat and satiety seek.

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garcinia cambogia and sport

Garcinia Cambogia is an ideal food supplement for athletes because on one hand helps you store fat and not the other favors the production and storage of glycogen that is like gasoline reserve which we turn when we sport.

garcinia cambogia no side effects

garcinia cambogia is unlike other synthetic appetite suppressors. As mentioned, only acts in the liver (increasing in it the production and storage of glycogen, which creates a feeling of fullness faster). garcinia cambogia not act on the central nervous system (not cross the blood brain barrier). It is still very effective, even when taken for prolonged periods without causing side effects that generate synthetic drugs, ranging from depression, nervousness, insomnia, high blood pressure or tachycardia. Nor rebound effect occurs when you stop it.

In normal doses, the garcinia cambogia does not cause unwanted reactions (even mild). So if you decide to take it in supplement form, garcinia cambogia should eat 30 to 60 minutes before the main meals with a large glass of water.
Obviously the effects of hydroxycitric acid are enhanced, and the results are appreciated more rapidly if one chooses well as low-fat diet and if combined with chromium or other regulators of insulin.

garcinia cambogia is a good natural remedy to whet the appetite before committing excesses or to help the body when those excesses and are reflected in the form of “float”, “love” or as we like to call, at the end of the day, in the volume of our body. In any case, is a tool garcinia cambogia naturally effective and safe which can prevent many illnesses and help maintain our health.

garcinia cambogia

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